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A place to vent your TV frustration.

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Anybody , Moderated
Your favorite show making you mad? Character you hate? Concerned about spoilers? Rant here!
This is a community set up to allow people to rant whenever their favorite show is pissing them off, whenever there's a show they really hate, whenever their favorite TV couple breaks up, whenever there's a character they can't stand, whenever spoilers have them tied up in knots.

You may also rant about how fans or critics in general are giving your show a hard time or giving it hell for something that isn't deserved. Just keep it very general. Don't pick out certain people or their opinions.


1. You can vent on any show you want as well as movies or books. Except porn movies. Let's keep it clean, please.

TAGS - Please tag all entries with either an existing tag, or if none exists for your show, make one yourself..please make it simply the name of the movie, show or book you're post is about. NOT character names, the tag list would get out of hand.

LJ CUTS - USE THEM! We don't want to clog up watchers f-list with a bunch of page long rants. If you don't know how to do an LJ cut, contact blackdoggy1 and I will help you.

LINKING - Linking back to your homepage to a rant you posted there is fine.

2. You must respect other people's rants. If you don't like what they're saying then move on and post your own rant about how you feel about a show. DO NOT ARGUE WITH THEM. This is a place where people can vent about their feelings without having to defend them.

3. Ranting about spoilers is fine..but please put it behind a cut and don't put the actual spoiler in your post title.

4. This comm is for TV, movie, book, etc. centered rants, and not a place for random ranting about the state of the world, politics, religion. You can reference those things of course, as long as they are about the show, movie, or book you are ranting on.


YOU WILL NOT CALL OTHER POSTERS NAMES. If ANYONE calls another poster a name your comments will be immediately removed and you will be BANNED!

Swearing is fine, BUT DO NOT USE THE C--T word! I hate that word.

Pornography is forbidden, however references to sex and sexuality are not. Just use some discretion in that area as this is meant to be a PG13 community at most.

Racism, sexism, or politic/religion/sexuality bashing of other members is not allowed. In fact, don't bash other members, period. Take out your frustration on the show, movie, or book where it belongs.

You will not advocate violence against actors, actresses, writers, producers or anyone else just because you're mad about a show. (I shouldn't have to say that but there are some nutjobs in the world) Any post that includes this will be deleted and get you banned. Make believe characters, however, are fair game and you can talk about killing certain characters off of your show all you want.

If you feel someone is harassing you or trolling your posts, or if you see something inappropriate posted contact blackdoggy1.

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