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Hela hammer

philstar22 in tv_rant

Prejudice of any kind is my Pet Peeve. I have been watching American Idol, and the latest episode featured something that made me very, very mad. So mad I have posted this in several places. I really feel the need to get my anger out.

The latest episode basically showcased what is wrong with Hollywood and really our culture in general. Actually, it was shown earlier, but not quite as strongly.

So, when the judges were making their decisions, they had two girls do a sing off. One was a tall, leggy blond with not quite as good a voice. The other was a shorter blond with a quirky sense of style and a gorgeous voice. They eventually choose the one with the better voice, but they actually argue over it, and Simon wants the one more conventionally attractive to go through.

Then, they tell the one who got through that she needs to "find herself," by which they mean "find the person that is conventionally attractive and become that." That made me so mad. It wasn't even as if she wasn't attractive. She just wasn't the tall, leggy blond. I thought her sense of style was fun and unique. It suited her, and I was very mad. That is the first time I've ever disliked Simon.

That coupled with just how far "bikini girl" (isn't it sad how she isn't even remembered for her name or voice) got in the competition just on the fact that she wore a bathing suit to a music audition, makes me really, really depressed for our society.

This is the message that we send girls today. Your personality can be unconventional, you can have whatever talent, you can be the nicest person in the world. What really matters is that you are attractive according to what society says. Who you are, what you do doesn't matter. All that matters is your appearance. You need to look like everyone else.

Several males got through who were not all that attractive and did not dress the way most people do. They got through on their talent, and it should be the same for women. Period.