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Daredevil - Matt

mergana in tv_rant


Okay, it's bad enough that Joss Whedon would agree to work with Fox again after they slaughtered Firefly. But giving up your pilot episode again?!?! As if airing out of order worked out well last time! Why in the world would Whedon let them push him around like that again?! They're just gonna kill Dollhouse like they did Firefly.


This has always been Joss's problem IMO. He was a pushover when he let people take over Buffy and Angel, and he's letting it happen again with FOX. I hope the show manages to do well despite all of this.
Yeah, I agree. And I see he's tweaking it again to make the network happy. I don't know how the whole thing will turn out. I'm worried.
Well, I think the results turned out amazingly. Plus, all the interviews I read said that Joss actually felt that the new pilot ended up being better than the old one and that the changes were good.

Plus, the ratings made Fox the second biggest channel of the night, and they were excellent ratings for a Friday night. Personally, I think Fox will stick with it for at least a whole season.