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Feb. 15th, 2009

Hela hammer


(no subject)

Some smaller rants that I'm posting together.
various rants cut for lengthCollapse )
Hela hammer


(no subject)

Cut just in case for American Idol SpoilersCollapse )

Jan. 17th, 2009


The Wussification of Dean Winchester

Okay, I've had enough of it already.  Just stop turning him into Emochester. We already have one.  See, this was why I was SO PISSED at Kripke at the end of Season 3 when Dean went to Hell.  I thought, and posted.....oh shit.  Theyre gonna pull an 'Angel The Series' ohhhh...I'm so angsty...oh I'm so broken deal and drag it out.  Then Lazarus Rising premiered and I was like AWESOME! They're not going there with the should he or should he not have gotten out?  Is getting out some evil demon deal and he'll be angsty about that?  They're not gonna drag it out with a bunch of whining and crying!  Well  I spoke too soon.  Because for the last three episodes that what it's been.  Dean is being ruined.  I don't need him to 'grow' as a character.  I don't need him to 'get in touch with his emotions'. I've been a Dean girl for 4 years precisely because he was the stoic badass with repressed issues.  Now he's turning into Sam. Now, I love Sam....but there's only room for one Emochester and Dean is not it!  There's no crying in Apocalypses!  Fucking deal with it already.  How are you gonna fight the devil if you don't suck it up? 


Jan. 3rd, 2009



In Which I say What I like--

I know people have problems with this last season of Heroes, but I personally thought it wasn't that bad. The whole 'turtle' issue ended up being very short and not as long as the Feudal Japan saga (which I actually liked since it gave us Kensei(Adam) and introduced the awesomeness of Adam(Kensei)/Hiro to the world, which in turn, helped open my muse back up in a BIG way). And Sylar being a Petrelli turned out to be false, so people who were worrying about that can stop worrying as well. This season gave me future!Gabriel/present!Peter, future!Peter/present!Peter (yeah I know, wtf, but I don't care, lol), future!Gabriel/future!Peter and many others. This season actually made me like some het: yes, I actually enjoyed most of the Sylar/Elle-ness (which surprised the hell out of me...) The only thing I didn't care for was the death of No!!!Collapse ) That death totally did me in, though I think that there will be some sort of retcon of the season so he'll return. And we'll see Claude. *fingers crossed*

Supernatural Season Four was f--ing AMAZING! I had gotten into Spn again because of Season Three, but S3 was almost NOTHING compared to when I watched S4. Dude, it so totally pwned me. Ruby's line in the first episode to Sam and Dean "Are you guys...together?" I lost it. And I knew then that it would be an AWESOME season,and it was.

LOST was AWESOME. Which is all I will say at the moment, as it's late, lol. As was the Sarah Connor Chronicles and stuff. Bones, House (House/Wilson is CANON!), Smallville (We lost one person, but we gained Oliver as a main character, OMFG YAY!!!!)

Anyway...I think that's it.

Oh. I haven't seen the new Doctor Who Christmas Special yet. I hope it turned out as great as usual.

<3 to you all!


Dec. 11th, 2008


Music from Dirty Sexy Money (12/10/08) Rant

Does anyone have a list of songs that were used in last night's episode?

I loved the music that was used! One of my favorite bands called Malbec from LA had a song in there called "Irene Song". It was during the scene where nick and karen are fighting and she's getting rid of all the stuff that reminds her of simon.

I was hoping to get a list of the other songs.

What did everyone think of last night's episode? The show is kind of in a weird place right now with ABC going back and forth about if it's going to stay on the air or not, so having the cliff hangers that we got feels a bit unfair! I'm not going to post what happened incase anyone didn't see it and i don't want to ruin it for them.

But if anyone else does... please go ahead!

Nov. 18th, 2008

[daisies] rooftop cafe


Gossip Girl Rant

I realize that Gossip Girl is supposed to be "aspirational" and that the characters wear clothes that most teenagers would never even look at.  Chuck Bass, anyone?  But designer duds and non-teenage activities are what we expect from this show.  However, some of the things Serena has been wearing recently are bugging meCollapse )

Nov. 13th, 2008

LJ Drama Heroes Style


I bid thee farewell...


Sylar rant. Wow, that felt good.Collapse )

Oct. 30th, 2008



This is not a rant about SPN because it is simply awesome.  This is a rant about the SPN fandom which I swear to God has GOT to have more psychos in it than the average fandom.  I mean they will freak out over ANYTHING!  Seriously, some of them need to be on psychiatric drugs and then in the words of Jack Nicholson Have a drink to kill the bug up their ass.  Lighten up!  It is damn near impossible to have fun in the SPN fandom because of the freaks that are overrunning it. Even the Heroes fandom cannot compete with some of these nutjobs

Oct. 28th, 2008

Daredevil - Matt



Okay, it's bad enough that Joss Whedon would agree to work with Fox again after they slaughtered Firefly. But giving up your pilot episode again?!?! As if airing out of order worked out well last time! Why in the world would Whedon let them push him around like that again?! They're just gonna kill Dollhouse like they did Firefly.

Oct. 22nd, 2008

liberty/justice otp


I have but one thing to say:

Heroes writers, where are you getting your crack? Because your dealer seems to be adding something extra.

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