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Doctor Who: Missy

philstar22 in tv_rant

Some smaller rants that I'm posting together.

House: If you are going to have House and Cuddy get together, have them get together. If not, then don't. Don't have them kiss and then say nothing about it for more than a month. That is just frustrating both for those who want them together and those who don't. Also, please don't change Cuddy. Yes, she wants a child and now she has one. However, she also loves her job, and having her want to give it up seems somewhat out of character.

Battlestar: Am I the only one not interested in the whole traitor!Gaita storyline? The first episode of this half of the season was amazing, but the next two were not so good. I have not caught up yet, so I'm hoping the next two are better. Still, I'm not really liking where they have taken this.

Stargate Universe: Okay, why is it that everything nowadays has to be marketed to young males? Stargate has done just fine in ratings for a cable show all through its run. Sure, shake things up a little. Don't alienate your fanbase, though, by changing things so much that the new show feels nothing like the old one. I certainly plan on tuning in, but given how bad the last two seasons of Atlantis were, I don't have much hope that it will be very good.

CSI: When your lead actor quits, it isn't time to get a new one. It is time for the show to end. It has had a good run, but the last few seasons have not been great. I get that the ratings are still good, but keeping it going so far past its prime is not a good idea. Start a new one. Or don't. Seriously, there are two other CSIs running. Sure, the lead change works for Law and Order and some other shows. Grissom really was CSI, though, and it just won't be the same show without him.

Nip/Tuck: You've always been a rather odd show that I really only watched for Julian McMahon. However, this season has crossed the line between unbelievable but watchable and so unbelievable it takes people right out of the story. You can be light and make fun of yourself without being so ridiculous it no longer makes sense.


I definitely agree with you about CSI-Grissom. He was the heart of the show.

I'm seriously against House/Cuddy. I never felt like this for a pairing before but there is definitely something off with Huddy, It feels so forced.

Nip/Tuck was entertaining but not anymore. Because nothing about it shocks or surprises me lately. I guess we've seen it all.