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blackdoggy1 in tv_rant

The Wussification of Dean Winchester

Okay, I've had enough of it already.  Just stop turning him into Emochester. We already have one.  See, this was why I was SO PISSED at Kripke at the end of Season 3 when Dean went to Hell.  I thought, and posted.....oh shit.  Theyre gonna pull an 'Angel The Series' ohhhh...I'm so angsty...oh I'm so broken deal and drag it out.  Then Lazarus Rising premiered and I was like AWESOME! They're not going there with the should he or should he not have gotten out?  Is getting out some evil demon deal and he'll be angsty about that?  They're not gonna drag it out with a bunch of whining and crying!  Well  I spoke too soon.  Because for the last three episodes that what it's been.  Dean is being ruined.  I don't need him to 'grow' as a character.  I don't need him to 'get in touch with his emotions'. I've been a Dean girl for 4 years precisely because he was the stoic badass with repressed issues.  Now he's turning into Sam. Now, I love Sam....but there's only room for one Emochester and Dean is not it!  There's no crying in Apocalypses!  Fucking deal with it already.  How are you gonna fight the devil if you don't suck it up? 



I feel the same way! I used to LOVE Dean so much cause Sam was much to emo for my liking. And now. :( Dean's pissing me off. Thought there weren't suppose to be "chick flick" moments.