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phoenixjustice in tv_rant

In Which I say What I like--

I know people have problems with this last season of Heroes, but I personally thought it wasn't that bad. The whole 'turtle' issue ended up being very short and not as long as the Feudal Japan saga (which I actually liked since it gave us Kensei(Adam) and introduced the awesomeness of Adam(Kensei)/Hiro to the world, which in turn, helped open my muse back up in a BIG way). And Sylar being a Petrelli turned out to be false, so people who were worrying about that can stop worrying as well. This season gave me future!Gabriel/present!Peter, future!Peter/present!Peter (yeah I know, wtf, but I don't care, lol), future!Gabriel/future!Peter and many others. This season actually made me like some het: yes, I actually enjoyed most of the Sylar/Elle-ness (which surprised the hell out of me...) The only thing I didn't care for was the death of Adam. That death totally did me in, though I think that there will be some sort of retcon of the season so he'll return. And we'll see Claude. *fingers crossed*

Supernatural Season Four was f--ing AMAZING! I had gotten into Spn again because of Season Three, but S3 was almost NOTHING compared to when I watched S4. Dude, it so totally pwned me. Ruby's line in the first episode to Sam and Dean "Are you guys...together?" I lost it. And I knew then that it would be an AWESOME season,and it was.

LOST was AWESOME. Which is all I will say at the moment, as it's late, lol. As was the Sarah Connor Chronicles and stuff. Bones, House (House/Wilson is CANON!), Smallville (We lost one person, but we gained Oliver as a main character, OMFG YAY!!!!)

Anyway...I think that's it.

Oh. I haven't seen the new Doctor Who Christmas Special yet. I hope it turned out as great as usual.

<3 to you all!



OMG..I KNOW SPN 4 IS KICKING ASS!! You know I've always liked the show but now I'm like friggin OBSESSED with it. Bones has been really good too. I especially loved the episode where she kicked his brother to the curb and did a big speech about how awesome Booth is (thank you yes he is made of awesome). TSCC too! Yep!

I can't really comment on Heroes...I quit watching when they killed Adam and let Maya live...so yeah, I really don't know how well it turned out. Though I hear the episode where HRG went apeshit on Sylar was really good.
Me too! Supernatural has pwned me in it's awesome. I mean, I too used to watch it but now it's OBSESSION and I'm writing a Dean/Castiel fic(s) and everything...lol. Bones seems good so far, I sometimes miss it, but it's a really good show. TSCC is awesome as well!

Oh, I know some people had a few problems with this season of Heroes, but overall it truly has been a great season. And I seriously see a ret-con in the next season. Like something will happen and this present will get erased like how the FYG!future went bye-bye and all. And the virus!future and the fouryearslater!Future. The FYL!Future gave us future!Gabriel and future!Peter (who has a scar like FYG!Peter...) mmm....

Yeah the ep with HRG was great. HRG and Sylar had a really great rapor this season. <3
It has major problems but I liked Heroes this season, I don't know, maybe it's because I'm easily entertained. I'm almost sure it will get better because you know, Fuller's back!

Ummm...about Sylar/Elle...:(
Hah! Sorry! XD

Oh, Lost was entertaining as always. A friend says it has plot holes big enough to fit his head in (he has a big head) but I don't see them. I only see a lot of unanswered questions and hope we'll get answers.
I liked Heroes too! Oh yeah, definitely! Fuller ftw. They just better do what they promised: GIVE US BACK CLAUDE YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!! ...*cough*

Yeah, I mean Sylar/Elle isn't suddenly a big pairing for me or anything, and I don't necessarily feel the need to read any of the pairing, I did actually like it pretty well, though I prefer Sylaire, when it comes to a het pairing with Sylar. xD

Lost was great! lol @ your friend, but I too did not see the big plot holes. I've seen a couple tiny ones since it started, but they've pretty much fixed them all. I see many questions as well! but we probably won't get them all answered....that's what fanfic is for. xD
I bet the Lost fandom would go mad if the final season doesn't answer those questions. :P

What? omg sylaire! XD Well, it makes more sense than Sylelle. :P
Damn straight! lol

Yup Sylaire! And yeah I think it makes more sense too. I started shipping it before Season 2 came on. xDDD
Well, a really good friend is into Sylar/Claire/HRG so I don't hate it now. XD
lol I've never read any of that pairing...hmm...
hymenchan wrote one long time ago. XD
Oh Iyeah? I know she did/does Sylaire... like how and_blessmybaby has done some AWESOME ones as well, I know of a few good Sylaire's. =P