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daynage in tv_rant

Music from Dirty Sexy Money (12/10/08) Rant

Does anyone have a list of songs that were used in last night's episode?

I loved the music that was used! One of my favorite bands called Malbec from LA had a song in there called "Irene Song". It was during the scene where nick and karen are fighting and she's getting rid of all the stuff that reminds her of simon.

I was hoping to get a list of the other songs.

What did everyone think of last night's episode? The show is kind of in a weird place right now with ABC going back and forth about if it's going to stay on the air or not, so having the cliff hangers that we got feels a bit unfair! I'm not going to post what happened incase anyone didn't see it and i don't want to ruin it for them.

But if anyone else does... please go ahead!