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un_den_iable in tv_rant

Gossip Girl Rant

I realize that Gossip Girl is supposed to be "aspirational" and that the characters wear clothes that most teenagers would never even look at.  Chuck Bass, anyone?  But designer duds and non-teenage activities are what we expect from this show.  However, some of the things Serena has been wearing recently are bugging me. 

Exhibit A and Exhibit B:

While both of these outfits are cute, they are totally INAPPROPRIATE for a 17 year old meeting with a dean at her prospective university / an alumna of that university respectively.  Way too much cleavage and leg!  Her Thanksgiving outfit in the most recent episode was also way too short for a day you spend with your family.  It's one thing when they are out at bars or whatever, but this crosses the line of how far I'm willing to extend my sense of realism.  A total random line to draw I know, but hey, that' where it is.


Well, what exactly do you expect.

What I want to know is, why are they trying to attract males to a show geared towards girls. I hate that. It is like they want men to watch every show, but they don't care if women watch much of anything at all. They should know that men aren't really going to watch Gossip Girl no matter what. They need to stick with the demographic the show is designed for (give us more male skin showing please :) ).