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blackdoggy1 in tv_rant


This is not a rant about SPN because it is simply awesome.  This is a rant about the SPN fandom which I swear to God has GOT to have more psychos in it than the average fandom.  I mean they will freak out over ANYTHING!  Seriously, some of them need to be on psychiatric drugs and then in the words of Jack Nicholson Have a drink to kill the bug up their ass.  Lighten up!  It is damn near impossible to have fun in the SPN fandom because of the freaks that are overrunning it. Even the Heroes fandom cannot compete with some of these nutjobs


I can't wait to see what whackos come out tonight. I hear the worst one's are on the messageboards like TWOP.
I avoid TWOP like the plague. It's scary.
Oh I know, Heroes peeps aren't that bad there but the SPN folk are whacked.
Yes, Heroes is probably one of the most friendly fandom ever. Star Trek is kinda like SPN.

What's with SPN and the wank really? Why is this fandom so famous for its wank?
I don't know. BUT IT'S INSANE! INSAAANNNNNNNNNEEEE!!!! Those bitches need pills!
Certain fandoms attract the crazy people more than others for some reason. SPN fandom isn't even as Harry Potter fandom, nothing can touch those crazy mofos, maybe not even the Trekkies.
I adore how pairing friendly heroes can be:)
Trekkies are mostly bitter and sarcastic. :P I had no idea HP fandom was like that too.

Haha, that's the best quality of Heroes!
Yes, trekkies are freaks...even though I am a trekkie, I admit..they are scary. lol
:D They are!

Heroes fans aren't generally hostile towards different views and I never managed to start a flame war in a Heroes comm.
..But you should've seen the flame war I caused on Star Trek..That was the greatest thing ever...And I wasn't even trying to start one...XD
Damn! I missed a Star Trek flame war? I bet that was fun. I haven't really been hanging in Star Trek comms for a while but I bet they're all ramped up for the movie. Yeah, the Heroes comms (on LJ anyway) seem to be fairly friendly. I don't see much flaming in them.
just needed to add that the twilight fandom is by FAR the most insane of them all. rambling fangirls that speak in capslock, LOlzzzzz, or some other innae thing.

as for SPN, i just watch and adore the show. not too in touch with the fandom itself.
LOL! I bet. I'm not up on the Twilight fandom but I can only imagine the freaking out that goes on over there since the books seem so popular with young teens. I bet it's squeee-tastic!

SPN fandom, unfortunately, is populated by an inordinate number of bitches. Catfights abound.

I post on TWoP:P

Though usually only in the Heroes section.
And you're the scariest one there. LOL! I'm teasing.
' '

Right...I need to borrow your woodchipper:P